Trespassing through life

A large part of my uni days have been spent well studying, it seems nowadays that is a fault rather than a quality, guess could have been worse, sure could have been better, still do appreciate what they have taught and what they have not.

Could say that it is the only experience that shaped my forthcoming days, but that would be inaccurate and limitative.So to project a personal hardly obejctive way of seeing things and passing it as the sole reference, would be a mistake that may lead to polarization and misgvings, not saying it erases any trace of authenticity, and that can benefit only one party, so it’s biased and detrimental.

Not a perfect being, made blunders and as time passes by, sure that others may follow, but that is part of learning, and most of life we must be open to learn new things and adapt, some of which are easier to comprise and master, others may require a tougher time, more complex knowledge and difficult to comprehend at a glance.

So wishing you all a lovely and quiet evening, close to whomever you choose, far from prying eyes and pointless questions and behaviours, hope you do manage to find time to pursue happiness as fragile as it my seem or unimportant to some, or a trick of the trade, or a variant from a predeternined script, as some chapters are still unwritten and they should be left so to unfold and grow in their own chosen period.

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