Winter Dreams

Do love winter, alongside fall remains inside my heart and with all the snowflakes and cheerful moods and more attention to what matters inside, do hope that maybe in a winter dream can show the inner core, the interesting part as a blogger from far away stated do agree on that part, that age does come with perks and disadvantages, hopefully the perks will outweigh the latter, if they do not, then it is time to make a change, a lasting one preferably, and folow through on it, not overlooking that which is important.

As many winters have I lived and no matter how cold nights have passed that will not shake my old bones into submission nor make my day less important just because fall has passed and winter is here.

Been lucky enough to live most of my dreams, so no matter what lies before me or what lies behind me, my resolve is still the same, and in dark times when we don’t allow ourselves to dream as it is too perilous, we try to  make the most of what we have and that is a statement in itself.

Do not know whether dreams are for every body, though read it somewhere that it keeps your mind in check and allows you to blow off steam, and to strike a bridge over the conscious and subconscious part that resides in all humans, do not know if there is a substitute for that, with no side effects.

So to refrain some old words, but that do carry weight, wish you all a lovely winter, warm feelings and above all things a stupendous life, lived to the fullest, a perfect morning, and happiness to balance yourselves and give you the focus to pursue what your heart and mind envision.



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