Water under the bridge

So much time spent on a similar perspective, rehashing. reloading and refreshing only to see minor adjustments, minor shifts in a lake of inertia, two steps forward, one or two back, hardly seeing any major positive outcome in some way.

Some things are not meant to be explained, over insulated or mirrored, that is just the way it is.We hardly choose those who we care about, nor it seems they can choose us, as they are too busy doing something else, and that is ok, as they are built that way, and if you care about someone enough you have the power to understand and give them what they need, and not asking much in return.Very few have that inner strength and can take much more pressure than the rest to accomplish that, cause it is something they do naturally and they know all that too well.The question that lies beneath is when the struggle is over, what is left for them?Who will care for them, who can heal their wounds, tend to their needs, talk to them, speak for them when they cannot,who will wait for them or put them in the spotlight and see to it that it remains as such.

We are often so gifted to have beautiful and loving people in our lives, willing to go the extra mile and put in a late effort to shift the odds, when no one expects it, do things from the heart, not because it was imposed, because it is something important and it will endure.What will happen when we meet blunt expectations and cruel actions, what lesson resides in that?To be cold and uncomfortable, to be bitter and misguided?

Do believe that is hardly ever too late to make ammendments and to set things right, not as they should be, but as they are.We have the power to feel and to give, to love and be loved, to kiss and caress is that so insignificant?To be happy and comfortable, maybe not so high on someone’s scale, what about your scale?Is it ok to be top on others’ list but last on yours?What matters most, to be succesful and unhappy or to be balanced and be where you want to be and to start to build on that?

The answer lies in each of us and guess time will make fools of us all and our beliefs.




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