Undecided future – maybe better

It is been a while since have started this blog and cannot say that my tired eyes have been better, as they have seen many changes, so in almost some may say struggle, for a better life, for a better tomorrow, for happier days many people tend to forget that which is far more important than titles, awards for that matter, and by this I mean the people behind all that, actually those who made it possible.

Those who barely come out and search the spotlight and recognition, nor even presume to have your attention, nor do they ask for it, those who came when no one else did, and were not afraid or too self-sufficient to tackle an issue that bugged many, those  are worthwhile your respect and consideration.You are not aware of their presence because things work, you might think that is a prerequisite, sorry to inform you that is not, just a presumption, a vaguely unreasonable one.Unrealistical expectations and approach may give you a twisted perception on things, and may trap you in off-the-wall scenarios.If you lose them under any circumstances means you have a lot to learn, and life might pull a bad joke on you, one that you may not be able to laugh at.

As someone speculates your inner fears and pushes the same buttons do not act foolish and give in to petty comments or envy portrayed as care, for it is not.People may tell you that we cannot change many things, and yet looking back, it all came true, unbelievable as that may come.So hold on, as foolish and blind as all of us can be, keeping your head up and not looking for an easy way out means you are so much tougher than anyone might think, nor listening when the same story is presented to you, keeping a cool head and sticking to the facts, it keeps you safe and sound.

Cannot say that many will endure the harshness or cold times, tough bumps in the road, lags or delays, those who can do that, are worth keeping in your life, and no one else should tell you that, you must discern it on your own in yout own time, by your own inner rules, and especially know that every rose has its thorns, some may sting, some you may choose to avoid, but if you like the flower you must appreciate as a whole, not bits and pieces.



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