Requiem for a lost Friday night

What can I say, poor memory can play tricks on us, forces us to make less than fortunate comments at the expanse of others and ourselves, though we are still young enough to learn more about the world we live in and adopt necessary change when it is needed, some changes are not desirable, nor fortunate for that matter, but who knows exactly?Only time can actually tell, and that is unavoidable and a constant.

Though we may encounter hurdles and many tantrums along the way it does not mean that we must change everything in order to please, or as to pinch someone’s ego.We cannot live our lives thinking about expectations that are pumped out of proportion and not so tangible.

So in the midst of the turmoil one can endure it is essential to keep a cool head and act, rather than being paralyzed by fear, panic as it may do more harm than good.But that is for anyone to learn on its own terms and pick up the pieces left after the whole place has crashed see if they like it that much.If we expect to just sit on our behind and wait for the sky to send us all that we need it may just send us rain, snow and not anything else.

Unless we learn that we are connected and the world is not that big anymore, for anyone, we might be in for quite a few surprises and as far as my grasp goes you get what you give, more or less, it is not a fault to make things bearable, nor to make it human, and those that speak about soul, spirit or a power within may have a lot more experience and may know more than you think or comprehend fot that matter, so once in a while do listen to them, cause you cannot quantify that nor put a value next to it.

Do agree that we must base our choices on hope, rather than our fears, it is a far reasonable approach, and for that matter even what we aspire will not come to fruition in a complet and perfect round heaven, imagine if all your fears were reality and you should live in respect to them.

So, some good times that we lived can really help us, it gives you a real perspective, and yes it does remember you to strive for better, that lies in us, it is just a matter of tapping into it, and keeping the good and focus on that, making things that matter could be a goal worth pursuing inspite of what you say or do, eventually it comes down to a simple fact, each one has a right to choose for himself/herself and live with the choices he or she makes.

We live in a less than perfect world, we strive to create and live perfect moments and sometimes it does turn out that way, and we are happy to say that we have made memories, it does suffice, sharing and giving so that others may live, as tired and as old as one can be.

Flawed and raging tried to stay the course and look for the best in people and not exploit their weaknesses for them to grow and feel better about themselves rather than pursue their inner fears to subdue them, so that a ego must be fed.

Every one has their inner tantrums and some way of taming them down, some are quick learners, some hardly ever pay attention, and that is that, hoped they do eventually learn cause if they do not, the same thing wil reoccur at a given time.

So wishing you all a great evening a gentle and sensible spring, urge you all to use your head and reason through, when your heart deceives you.



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