As long as

People, time, love, death, birth, blue sky, storms, rainbows, tears and laughter, kindness and coldness, sunrise and sunset as long as those exist we all stand a chance.

It is a cycle of life, when one ends  it is the beginning of another, we often see that in nature, as a whole functioning living mechanism, as lies in the passing seasons, from winter to spring and so on.

We are forever entangled in a strange dance, sometimes pushy and rapid, sometimes smooth and sensible, sometimes  paced and composed, one twist of the fate to the blues of the passing time.

We are so small and feable creatures, far less powerful than nature itself and yet we do survive, shape it and sometimes live in harmony next to it, or more likely in it.

If the height is sufficient enough from our standpoint we all appear as small dots near the vast immense surface of let’s say a mountain, ice plain or an ocean, even next to a tree. We may be creative, resilient, intelligent and resourceful but so are many, we may love, touch, feel, taste and smell as to check that all senses are in place.

So we are as feable as a feather thrown against a hurricane, a drop of rain which fell into the ocean, a grain of sand in the desert, but as long as we are alive we can be much more than that, make a difference, stand as tall as we can, for what we believe it is true.

So for as long your heart is still pumping blood onto your system, as long as you can still breathe make it worthwhile, live, eat, pray, love, feel cause time is not waiting on anybody whomever that person may be.

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