As long as

People, time, love, death, birth, blue sky, storms, rainbows, tears and laughter, kindness and coldness, sunrise and sunset as long as those exist we all stand a chance.

It is a cycle of life, when one ends  it is the beginning of another, we often see that in nature, as a whole functioning living mechanism, as lies in the passing seasons, from winter to spring and so on.

We are forever entangled in a strange dance, sometimes pushy and rapid, sometimes smooth and sensible, sometimes  paced and composed, one twist of the fate to the blues of the passing time.

We are so small and feable creatures, far less powerful than nature itself and yet we do survive, shape it and sometimes live in harmony next to it, or more likely in it.

If the height is sufficient enough from our standpoint we all appear as small dots near the vast immense surface of let’s say a mountain, ice plain or an ocean, even next to a tree. We may be creative, resilient, intelligent and resourceful but so are many, we may love, touch, feel, taste and smell as to check that all senses are in place.

So we are as feable as a feather thrown against a hurricane, a drop of rain which fell into the ocean, a grain of sand in the desert, but as long as we are alive we can be much more than that, make a difference, stand as tall as we can, for what we believe it is true.

So for as long your heart is still pumping blood onto your system, as long as you can still breathe make it worthwhile, live, eat, pray, love, feel cause time is not waiting on anybody whomever that person may be.

Requiem for a lost Friday night

What can I say, poor memory can play tricks on us, forces us to make less than fortunate comments at the expanse of others and ourselves, though we are still young enough to learn more about the world we live in and adopt necessary change when it is needed, some changes are not desirable, nor fortunate for that matter, but who knows exactly?Only time can actually tell, and that is unavoidable and a constant.

Though we may encounter hurdles and many tantrums along the way it does not mean that we must change everything in order to please, or as to pinch someone’s ego.We cannot live our lives thinking about expectations that are pumped out of proportion and not so tangible.

So in the midst of the turmoil one can endure it is essential to keep a cool head and act, rather than being paralyzed by fear, panic as it may do more harm than good.But that is for anyone to learn on its own terms and pick up the pieces left after the whole place has crashed see if they like it that much.If we expect to just sit on our behind and wait for the sky to send us all that we need it may just send us rain, snow and not anything else.

Unless we learn that we are connected and the world is not that big anymore, for anyone, we might be in for quite a few surprises and as far as my grasp goes you get what you give, more or less, it is not a fault to make things bearable, nor to make it human, and those that speak about soul, spirit or a power within may have a lot more experience and may know more than you think or comprehend fot that matter, so once in a while do listen to them, cause you cannot quantify that nor put a value next to it.

Do agree that we must base our choices on hope, rather than our fears, it is a far reasonable approach, and for that matter even what we aspire will not come to fruition in a complet and perfect round heaven, imagine if all your fears were reality and you should live in respect to them.

So, some good times that we lived can really help us, it gives you a real perspective, and yes it does remember you to strive for better, that lies in us, it is just a matter of tapping into it, and keeping the good and focus on that, making things that matter could be a goal worth pursuing inspite of what you say or do, eventually it comes down to a simple fact, each one has a right to choose for himself/herself and live with the choices he or she makes.

We live in a less than perfect world, we strive to create and live perfect moments and sometimes it does turn out that way, and we are happy to say that we have made memories, it does suffice, sharing and giving so that others may live, as tired and as old as one can be.

Flawed and raging tried to stay the course and look for the best in people and not exploit their weaknesses for them to grow and feel better about themselves rather than pursue their inner fears to subdue them, so that a ego must be fed.

Every one has their inner tantrums and some way of taming them down, some are quick learners, some hardly ever pay attention, and that is that, hoped they do eventually learn cause if they do not, the same thing wil reoccur at a given time.

So wishing you all a great evening a gentle and sensible spring, urge you all to use your head and reason through, when your heart deceives you.



Undecided future – maybe better

It is been a while since have started this blog and cannot say that my tired eyes have been better, as they have seen many changes, so in almost some may say struggle, for a better life, for a better tomorrow, for happier days many people tend to forget that which is far more important than titles, awards for that matter, and by this I mean the people behind all that, actually those who made it possible.

Those who barely come out and search the spotlight and recognition, nor even presume to have your attention, nor do they ask for it, those who came when no one else did, and were not afraid or too self-sufficient to tackle an issue that bugged many, those  are worthwhile your respect and consideration.You are not aware of their presence because things work, you might think that is a prerequisite, sorry to inform you that is not, just a presumption, a vaguely unreasonable one.Unrealistical expectations and approach may give you a twisted perception on things, and may trap you in off-the-wall scenarios.If you lose them under any circumstances means you have a lot to learn, and life might pull a bad joke on you, one that you may not be able to laugh at.

As someone speculates your inner fears and pushes the same buttons do not act foolish and give in to petty comments or envy portrayed as care, for it is not.People may tell you that we cannot change many things, and yet looking back, it all came true, unbelievable as that may come.So hold on, as foolish and blind as all of us can be, keeping your head up and not looking for an easy way out means you are so much tougher than anyone might think, nor listening when the same story is presented to you, keeping a cool head and sticking to the facts, it keeps you safe and sound.

Cannot say that many will endure the harshness or cold times, tough bumps in the road, lags or delays, those who can do that, are worth keeping in your life, and no one else should tell you that, you must discern it on your own in yout own time, by your own inner rules, and especially know that every rose has its thorns, some may sting, some you may choose to avoid, but if you like the flower you must appreciate as a whole, not bits and pieces.



Water under the bridge

So much time spent on a similar perspective, rehashing. reloading and refreshing only to see minor adjustments, minor shifts in a lake of inertia, two steps forward, one or two back, hardly seeing any major positive outcome in some way.

Some things are not meant to be explained, over insulated or mirrored, that is just the way it is.We hardly choose those who we care about, nor it seems they can choose us, as they are too busy doing something else, and that is ok, as they are built that way, and if you care about someone enough you have the power to understand and give them what they need, and not asking much in return.Very few have that inner strength and can take much more pressure than the rest to accomplish that, cause it is something they do naturally and they know all that too well.The question that lies beneath is when the struggle is over, what is left for them?Who will care for them, who can heal their wounds, tend to their needs, talk to them, speak for them when they cannot,who will wait for them or put them in the spotlight and see to it that it remains as such.

We are often so gifted to have beautiful and loving people in our lives, willing to go the extra mile and put in a late effort to shift the odds, when no one expects it, do things from the heart, not because it was imposed, because it is something important and it will endure.What will happen when we meet blunt expectations and cruel actions, what lesson resides in that?To be cold and uncomfortable, to be bitter and misguided?

Do believe that is hardly ever too late to make ammendments and to set things right, not as they should be, but as they are.We have the power to feel and to give, to love and be loved, to kiss and caress is that so insignificant?To be happy and comfortable, maybe not so high on someone’s scale, what about your scale?Is it ok to be top on others’ list but last on yours?What matters most, to be succesful and unhappy or to be balanced and be where you want to be and to start to build on that?

The answer lies in each of us and guess time will make fools of us all and our beliefs.




Winter Dreams

Do love winter, alongside fall remains inside my heart and with all the snowflakes and cheerful moods and more attention to what matters inside, do hope that maybe in a winter dream can show the inner core, the interesting part as a blogger from far away stated do agree on that part, that age does come with perks and disadvantages, hopefully the perks will outweigh the latter, if they do not, then it is time to make a change, a lasting one preferably, and folow through on it, not overlooking that which is important.

As many winters have I lived and no matter how cold nights have passed that will not shake my old bones into submission nor make my day less important just because fall has passed and winter is here.

Been lucky enough to live most of my dreams, so no matter what lies before me or what lies behind me, my resolve is still the same, and in dark times when we don’t allow ourselves to dream as it is too perilous, we try to  make the most of what we have and that is a statement in itself.

Do not know whether dreams are for every body, though read it somewhere that it keeps your mind in check and allows you to blow off steam, and to strike a bridge over the conscious and subconscious part that resides in all humans, do not know if there is a substitute for that, with no side effects.

So to refrain some old words, but that do carry weight, wish you all a lovely winter, warm feelings and above all things a stupendous life, lived to the fullest, a perfect morning, and happiness to balance yourselves and give you the focus to pursue what your heart and mind envision.