Picture Perfect

That doesn’t apply to people though, much harder to comprise, explain or fully capture through a lens, though sometimes trying can be fun and it brings up memorable pictures but for me the best moments are those uncaptured, but seen and lived, far more powerful and yes they do last and they shine through the most difficult and powerless or overwhelming situations, and I do endorse that.

As one does that and moves on, it really does tell a story, a good one, and those really shine through time, outlived many akward and notso equal situations.Lived a bit over a quarter of a century, and I do not believe that pigs fly (only if powered by external boosters, joking…) as I do not believe that a change for the sake of it does bring something great, it does not, I have made several changes because I did believe they were necessary and important, nor do I believe endorsing a status quo that has overlived its time, it can be painstaking and an enormous toll will be asked of you, but if you belive it is worth it, do it or it will always haunt you, as if a choice that was taken from you, one that you cannot regain nor recreate or substitute.

Life is cruel and it does not forgive sometimes, but it does teach you a lot if you are willing to learn and stand your ground, even if the chances are one in a billion or worse, it is all you get at the end of the day, and seen far less feasible or possible plans come into play, made possible by hard work, concentration, and not to forget belief and resolution.

….But Seriously Phil Collins, Virgin Records, Atlantic Records 1989

1.Hang In Long Enough

2.That’s Just The Way it Is

3.Do You Remember?

4.Something Happened On the Way To Heaven


6.I wish It Would Rain Down

7.Another Day In Paradise

8.Heat On the Street

9.All Of My Life

10.Saturday Night And Sunday Morning

11.Father to Son

12.Find A Way To My Heart

Really this album has stuck with me since my school days, must be the quality.