Navigating through debris

Adopting a posture with all the sacrifices it held, not for the sake of it, not for the power, these were and are my heroes and still, but also for the ability to change or make something better, more articulated, balanced not so dismissive, brilliant at what they did, resourceful and yet humble enough to have a normal conversation with almost anyone.Few can understand what makes us or break us, what strains or pressures we can withstand or what we do when we are at our best, some people speculate our fears or our uncertainties to gain a kind of unfair advantage others invest in us as to overcome them, my question resides in the outcome, what would you choose for yourself?

As automatic as one can be sometimes, there is still a heart inside, and that will hardly fade.That is very hard to replicate, buy or trade or trick, and we must not forget nor ignore it as tough as that can be.We hardly choose the people we love, but sure we can choose how and if we should to pursuit it.We may not always be right but no one in a sound state can accuse us of not giving  it our best even if the odds are stacked against us.

We may shatter or break at some point, being prone to deception, manipulation and weakness, faults that are not ours to assume, but that we pay the price for, that is all messed up, and there is no justification for that.Some of us may call us less than we are, others may laugh, othets may find out that they bite more than they can chew,

Growing old has its perks, more selectivity, touches of a refined view, cherishing differently things we use to take for granted, but at a snap of a finger, it can turmoil you inside, not saying that is such a storm, in time you learn to keep it inside, filter it, cool it down and keep going straight even  if you feel that it will tear you apart, it will not.

Emotions can put a spell on you, that does not mean you are lost or unwell, but it sure can cause conundrums and lots of confusion.When the dust settles and it will, reason will kick in and make the journey so much easier to bare and to cherish.

As looking for a place to relax and listen to music, just realized that was searching for something else, just to know what to focus on and  to click a connection and that is different and a whole different stoty, some may not last, some may endure.

So wish you all a long and happy year, more balanced, articulated, fruitful and one to remember.A conflictual state always will feed on its substance and generate other minor replicas over the time, and serves no purpose but itself, so choose carefully and pacify to grow, everyone knows how to throw a stone, few  of us know how many stones it takes and how to place them to build a solid foundation, rather than throwing them around.

That is life, as it is, not how it should be.


I’m That Kind of Girl

Lovely post, inspiring story, touching and utterly complete, some things are universal.

Stories that Must Not Die

I’m the kind of girl who will give you a handshake when you go in for a hug and give you a hug when you reach out for a handshake.  

It doesn’t stop there.  

I’m the kind of girl who will somehow miss your hand when going for the handshake and accidentally stare at your groin, not because I’m penile obsessed but only because I’m not supposed to stare at your groin.  You’ll catch me.  

When I hug you, it’s a side-hug so that my boobs don’t touch you or so that I don’t accidentally kiss you when going in for a hug.  Why would I fear an accidental kiss?  Because don’t underestimate that it would happen to me.  Right on the lips.  Maybe I’d have an epileptic seizure and accidentally tongue kiss you, too.  I’ve never had one, but there’s always the possibility.

Bridget Jones was…

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What about the heart?

Ice Rink
Skate for life, mobility and grace

Seems icy surroundings can be difficult to master, they often are human made, but inside the heart does still beat, on the outside just skirmish and faint signs of a constant struggle, and to say no, after some years still able to smile, hope and live, wrapped in a colour of a long forsaken tale, yet so actual.Seems so long ago ran towards to the place I should have been, yet it was so much simpler, so alive, now just waterstorms in glasses. foolish presumptions and vague feelings, just off-the -wall theories, small and less visible genuine reactions, that sounds so familiar.

Words are poor and insufficient to comprise, reveal or describe, sometimes they fail us, as we do all do at some point in our lives, that does not mean that is we are all about.So break the ice, warm it up, blaze it with your movements, and most of all cherish it, do not try to capture it cause it will remain out of reach, just try to be there for the ride, and live the moment not overthink it or explain it for that matter, try to take it as it comes, and excuse those who cannot grasp or fully understand you, probably it is best that way, probably is well beyond one’s reach or experience.

Just take a moment, a deep breath sometimes and move on when you can. some things will hardly ever change. others do and they remain so in the most wonderful way possible, wish you all a lovely Saturday morning and life, if it is within your grasp to feel it.